Open House: Greater Northfield Area Greenway Corridor System

Posted by Bruce Anderson, October 31st , 2006.

This Wednesday, November 1st, there will be a unique opportunity to comment on the kind of greenway/non-motorized trail system the Northfield area might develop over the next 20 or more years. The City of Northfield will host an open house to view and comment on the draft “Greater Northfield Area Greenway Corridor System” from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Northfield City Council Chambers.

Members of a steering committee and a technical task force developed the draft this summer with assistance from a consultant from Bonestroo, Rosene, Anderlik and Associates.

Plan to drop in if you would like to have a say in how this plan could be improved and/or implemented.

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Transportation Committee to discuss bike/ped recommendations at Thursday, October 12 meeting

Posted by Bruce Anderson, October 10th , 2006.

The RENew Northfield Transportation Committee will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday, October 12 at 402 Washington St. The meeting will include discussion of actions to take to make Northfield more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly based on ideas suggested by bike/pedestrian planner Steve Clark of Transit for Livable Communities at his local presentations on October 5. The meeting is free and open to the public, and will be preceded by a social time with refreshments at 6:30. All are welcome–please spread the word!

RENew Northfield Transportation Committee meeting
Thursday, October 12 7:00 p.m. (join us for refreshments and socializing beginning at 6:30!)

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Critical Mass comes to Northfield

Posted by Bruce Anderson, September 26th , 2006.

The first-ever “Critical Mass” bicycle happening took place in downtown Northfield at noon last Thursday, September 21, when about 25 cyclists rode en masse from 2nd and Division to the south end of downtown and back.

Critical Mass events have been happening since 1992 in San Francisco and many other cities (estimated at over 325 internationally), and are loosely organized demonstrations of the principle that non-motorized transportation is a legitimate alternative to driving a car, and that bicyclists belong on urban streets. The rallying cry of the movement, according to one local participant, St. Olaf senior Dan Borek, is “we aren’t blocking traffic, we ARE traffic!”

According to Wikipedia, “Critical Mass rides are self-organized, noncommercial and non-competitive, and they operate with diffused and informal decison-making, independent of ‘leaders’. They are often also unofficial, foregoing permits and official sanction from municipal authorities.”

Rumor has it that Northfield Critical Masses will begin at noon on the first and third Thursday of each month, proceeding from the intersection of 2nd and Division through downtown to the south, and back.

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Expert in bike-friendly community planning to visit October 5

Posted by Bruce Anderson, September 26th , 2006.

In the next few months Northfield residents have a chance to be involved in many important decisions about how to make travel easier for bike riders and pedestrians. Plans for trails, paths, sidewalks, intersections and parking will be developed. The results will affect workers, shoppers, tourists, school children and those just taking a quick ride or walk for fun.

To help people get up to speed on the issues–and how other communities are addressing them–RENew Northfield is organizing a day-long visit on Oct. 5 by Steve Clark, the Walking and Bicycling Program manager at Transit for Livable Communities. Clark will make a presentation entitled “How Biking and Walking Will Renew the Northfield Area” at 7 p.m. at the Northfield High School auditorium. Earlier in the day he will lead a tour to conduct his own analysis of local bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. He’ll also speak with a wide variety of government and community leaders at Northfield City Hall.

Participants in the 7 p.m. community meeting also will get to view plans for the development of the Mill Towns Trail and a draft of the Greater Northfield Area Greenway Corridor System, which will be on display in the lobby.

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Greener Transportation Alternatives for Northfield

Posted by Bruce Anderson, September 8th , 2006.

Watch for the RENew Northfield “Greener Transportation Alternatives for Northfield” entry

in this Sunday’s Defeat of Jesse James Days Parade.

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