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Dealing with hail-damaged roofs: Greener alternatives

Posted by Bruce Anderson, September 14th , 2006.

Thousands of roofs will be replaced in the coming months in the Northfield area as a result of the August 24 hail storm, mine included. These will include not only residential roofs, but also the roofs of many larger commercial, industrial, institutional and public sector buildings.

Many badly damaged roofs are already in the process of being replaced, but some of us have yet to begin work, or have more lightly damaged roofs and the luxury of being able to be more deliberative about what kind of roofing material/system is used.

I have fielded several inquiries from folks interested in knowing about “greener” roofing alternatives (i.e. roof systems with lower embodied energy; systems with the EPA’s Energy Star rating; more durable systems; roofing materials made from recycled products and/or recyclable at the end of their useful life; etc.). A good primer on greener roofing options can be found in the February/March 2005 issue of Mother Earth News.

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Solar pioneers wanted

Posted by Bruce Anderson, May 17th , 2006.

Although solar energy has been around for years, it’s a more viable option now than ever, and the world still needs early adopters, pioneers to show society the way.

Pioneers on the trail

Folks who might be interested in solar energy but were not able to attend last week’s Northfield SolarWorks informational meeting should note that I’ve posted a PDF of the presentation I used that night on the RENew website. Michael Blaha has also posted a podcast of the meeting.

We have an opportunity to jump start interest in solar energy here in the Northfield area. I encourage you to strongly consider participating in this initiative. This is an opportunity for you to put your money where your heart is by investing in clean energy technology NOW, when it’s critically important to do so.

Are you ready to saddle up? Let us know!

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Northfield SolarWorks Launch Podcast

Posted by Michael Blaha, May 11th , 2006.

Northfield SolarWorks
Northfield SolarWorks initiative to be launched

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Northfield SolarWorks initiative to be launched

Posted by Bruce Anderson, May 5th , 2006.

Solar energy has been a viable water heating, space heating, and electricity generation option for home and business owners for roughly 30 years. Modern, reliable solar systems are now a more attractive opportunity than ever with high and rising energy prices and uncertain future energy supplies. Nonetheless, we see very few operating solar systems in the Northfield area.

The number of local solar systems should increase soon, as RENew Northfield is kicking off


at a 7 p.m. meeting next Thursday, May 11th in the Northfield Public Library meeting room.


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