Cities for Climate Protection

The Northfield City Council unanimously passed a resolution (see p. 52) on December 5, 2005 committing the city to participation in the international Cities for Climate Protection Campaign (CCPC). This was done at the recommendation of the city’s Environmental Quality Commission (EQC), which had passed a resolution encouraging the council to do so on October 18, 2005.

RENew Northfield proposed Northfield’s participation in the CCPC to the EQC at its October 18 meeting. (See the October 19 CCPC news item on the RENew Northfield home page.) Participation commits the city to the CCPC’s five-step process that “allows local governments to understand how municipal decisions affect energy use and how these decisions can be used to mitigate global climate change while improving community quality of life. The CCPC methodology provides a simple, standardized way of acting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and of monitoring, measuring, and reporting performance.”

The summary prepared by city staff and submitted to the City Council along with the resolution included the following language:

“The EQC envisions leading the initiative with its members, recruiting volunteers, and establishing cooperative relationships with RENew Northfield and possibly the colleges in undertaking completion of the designated steps.”

RENew Northfield looks forward to working with the EQC and other community partners to develop an aggressive plan to reduce the community’s greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years. This promises to provide an excellent framework for broad-ranging community conversations concerning how to best move rapidly toward energy self-sufficiency based on more-efficient use of energy and local renewable energy development.

If you would like to get involved in the CCPC as a volunteer, contact RENew Northfield by phone or email.