Northfield SolarWorks


What is Northfield SolarWorks ?

Solar House
Northfield SolarWorks is a new initiative of RENew Northfield. We expect to act as a catalyst for the installation of many solar thermal (hot water) and solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) systems in the Northfield area in the near future.

How will it work?

RENew Northfield will coordinate and facilitate:

Solar site analyses for area homeowners and business owners, and

Below-market-cost bulk buying of solar thermal systems, and savings on associated solar heating and/or PV systems.

We will work with Minneapolis solar contractor IPS Solar. IPS Solar is doing a similar bulk buy solar program in SE Minneapolis, and has attracted many interested participants. We have been awarded a grant that will allow us to expand this program and work with community partners to build energy-efficient low-income and affordable housing that includes solar thermal, PV, and geothermal heating and cooling.

How do I learn more or sign up?

Contact us via the web site contact form»
Download the sign-up form [ PDF ]»

Download the SolarWorks flyer »

Download the SolarWorks presentation from the May 11th informational meeting »