Greener Transportation Alternatives

Transportation accounts for a large percentage of the energy consumed in Northfield. If we are to become an energy self-sufficient community, we must:
-develop in a manner that facilitates easy and efficient transportation within, and to and from, Northfield
-facilitate non-motorized transportation(i.e. walking, biking, skateboarding, scootering…you get it!)
-develop a much more efficient community vehicle fleet (including private and shared vehicles, and private and public vehicle fleets)
-make a rapid transition away from petroleum-based fuels (gasoline and diesel fuel) and to renewable biofuels (e.g. biodiesel and ethanol)
-engage in the policy-making process at the local, state and federal level to facilitate the above.

Some of these things are a matter of personal choice. Several having to do with the decision concerning what kind of vehicle you choose to drive include:

-How much do you want to pay for fuel?
-How much fossil fuel do you want to burn?
-How much do you want to contribute to global climate chaos by emitting carbon dioxide?

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