Northfield Biodiesel Buyers’ Club

The Northfield Biodiesel Buyers’ Club Wants YOU!!!

Why biodiesel?


Poweredy By Biodiesel

Biodiesel can be burned in any unmodified diesel engine, and dramatically reduces emissions of most conventional pollutants compared to combustion of petroleum diesel.

Life-cycle CO2 emissions are radically reduced. Since the CO2 produced from biodiesel combustion is offset by the CO2 taken out of the atmosphere by the plants (e.g. soybeans) from which biodiesel is produced, biodiesel drastically reduces CO2 emissions. Even taking into account the fossil fuels required to grow, transport and process soybeans into biodiesel, the life-cycle CO2 emissions for biodiesel are about 78% lower than the emissions of this primary greenhouse gas from petroleum diesel combustion.


Can be made from any vegetable oil or animal fat (virgin or recycled)


No War

Produced from crops grown by Midwestern farmers rather than from oil produced by Middle Eastern despots

Why a buyers’ club?


Pure biodiesel (B100) is, for the first time, readily available locally at an attractive price


The NBBC provides a platform for educating the general public and fleet (public and private) managers about the benefits of biodiesel use

Winter blend

The NBBC enables members to use a B50 (50% biodiesel) winter blend. B100 has not been available locally during the winter months in past years, as B100 gels below about 32 degrees F. Local biodiesel enthusiasts have thus been unable to use biodiesel at all for nearly half the year.


If significant demand for B100 is demonstrated, as anticipated, the likelihood of local fuel retailers offering B100 should increase.

Testimonial: “I’ve driven a VW Jetta TDI since the spring of 2001, and have been fueling it with biodiesel since the spring of 2002. I LOVE running my car on this freedom fuel. Performance and fuel economy are great, and the exhaust even smells good!” -A happy biodiesel consumer

The Northfield Biodiesel Buyers’ Club (NBBC) is actively seeking new members.
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